Hanging with models @ Fashion in the Capital

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You see glimpses of these unnaturally svelte, beautiful people on the runway before they disappear behind the dark curtains, presumably to be preserved in space-age capsules until the time the runway lights go on. Perhaps its these fleeting appearances that add to everyone’s fascination about models, so I thought I’d chat to two of them who were waiting around for their fittings before the first show of Fashion in the Capital.

So this is Blaire – when she’s not being all leggy and doe-eyed, she’s a second year architecture student Vic. I actually met her briefly at the casting call for FITC.


How did you begin modelling? I was asked to walk in the Sera Lilly show at NZ Fashion Week last year, and to do that I had to sign with an agency, so I signed with Kirsty Bunny Management.

What’s your favourite thing about modelling? Definitely the hair and makeup.

And the least favourite? Waiting around and being cold. (“Backstage” was in the Mojo Coffee shed opposite Shed 11. Really cool brick building with beautiful high ceilings – not so great for staying warm.)

What would you do with $1m? I’d buy my parents a bach, then I’d use the rest to travel around the world.

What are you wearing today? A leather jacket from Country Road, white jeans, glassons sandals, jewellery from Wunderkammer and Meadowlark.

blaire outfit

And this is Becca – when she’s not walking for Stolen Girlfriends and instagramming like a pro, she’s a first year design student at Vic.


Modelling? I was scouted when I was at the Department Store up in Auckland to be in a Glassons shoot.

What agency are you with? 62 Models.

Favourite thing about modelling? I dunno – you feel really special cause everyone’s fussing over you.

The least favourite? Definitely having to wait around.

What was the last thing you bought? These shoes (Jeffrey Campbell boots with a wooden heel, or so I am told).

What are you wearing at the moment? An ASOS jacket, black skinny jeans, a striped top and some old school vans.

becca outfit


Author: Chris Park

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