NZ Fashion Week: UNDERGROUND Fashion Installation (video)

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Imagine you recently started a clothing label and you’ve started producing your first collections. You’ve set up an online store, it’s stocked in a couple of stores as well, and you’re looking to increase your visibility. ¬†Holding a runway show at somewhere like NZ Fashion Week can cost anywhere from $8-40k which is a tall order for anyone, especially if they are just starting out in the fashion business.

Ciel PR organised this UNDERGROUND Fashion Installation partly in response to the need for a more financially accessible platform for young emerging designers to promote their labels. And mostly cause it was god damn cool and refreshingly different from the standard runway fare. It was like grungy fashion fair, where instead of eating corndogs and riding merry-go-rounds, we sipped on coconut water and perused the stalls of each designer and interacted with the models.

Didn’t make it to the installation? Here’s a video I made.

Author: Chris Park

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