Things I get asked as a blogger

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I should be editing photos from Fashion in the Capital, but as I’m writing this my laptop is currently rendering a video I made of some backstage footage from the shows which means anything more than typing is not fun times – for me or my computer. Oh – here’s what I’m listening to at the moment for a multi-sensory experience.

As with almost all bloggers, it’s a labour of love (as in, it doesn’t pay cash moneys, just goodie bags filled with sugar free chocolate, diet pills and face creams) so I have a job as well which pays for the trifecta of essentials: food, rent and fashion. I went to law school and my job isn’t in the creative sector by any stretch of the imagination (or lack thereof), so I get asked funny questions from friends and co-workers about what it entails being a blogger, and about the industry generally.

Do you get paid per article?

No. Just no. Unless you are Bryan Boy, Olivia Lopez, Scott Schuman or whatever the answer is no.

(From friends) – are you ever at work?

Yes – for the vast majority of my week. It just doesn’t end up on my social media accounts. It’s just that people don’t bring dSLRs to work and take photos of me, and the office cubicle isn’t a particularly good conversation topic on social media. Sad-looking pot plants and lever arch files aren’t good instagram fodder.

What are the models like?

Depends on the model. (Are you surprised?) I guess the stereotype for models ranges from the air-headed pageant wishing for world peace to Zoolander. The thing about models is that they’re (genetic) lottery winners, so it’s not like you get particular types of people being models. Other than the type that are tall, beautiful and statuesque of course.

So, are you a photographer, or a journalist?

A blogger means you basically do everything. I’m a webmaster, writer, editor, photographer, videographer, interviewer and marketer. #versatile.

Have any of the models tripped on the runway at a show you were at?

Aww! No, but there are been a couple of near misses, some wobbly steps and slides in different shows. One of the girls at the Trelise show at NZ Fashion Week this year could barely walk in these gold stilettos, and I could see that her ankles were red. My friend who sat front row said her feet were bleeding, I heard later the shoes were way too small for her feet. I felt so bad for her – she was great in the other shows too.

Other than this particular incident, the models are being asked to wear massive heels that they haven’t worn before on a brightly lit stage – it happens.It makes for a really tense show for the audience (let alone the models) if the girls are struggling to walk though. But if you’re really feeling the schadenfreude buzz, there are lots of video compilations out there, but they just make me cringe a little.


How do you decide what to wear to shows?

With difficulty. Sometimes I get lent/given stuff from designers (props to kowtow clothing, MichaelJohn Jewellery and Saben!) which helps, and of course there is my brother’s label 6×4 (if I can fit it). I try and wear at least some NZ designed/made stuff.

Welcome to my world.


Author: Chris Park

One half of the Park Brothers. Purveyor of banter, curator of misc. Manage comms for @BuoyandMine. Read More

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