Martina Organics launch @ The Design Loft (video)

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I’d been seeing little glimpses of this work in progress from my various social network feeds – some initial branding work, a lid prototype here and there and a website under construction. I first met Marta, the creative behind Martina Organics, at Wellington Fashion Week last year – my impression of her was somebody who was incredibly driven (the clipboards and lanyards may have added to this), and focused on the task at hand.

She took this ambition and applied it to creating a range of handmade organic beauty products which draws inspiration from her bohemian upbringing as a second generation immigrant from Spain, and draws on her passion and experience in skincare having worked as a beauty therapist.


It was great to see some familiar (and some non-familiar) faces there to support to her launch at the Design Loft – it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and to launch a product so closely intertwined with who are you as a person.  They had testers available at the launch so I tried the entire range – an oil cleanser, a toner, and an oil moisturiser.  I particularly liked the moisturiser – it just absorbs straight into your skin, has a refreshing sandalwood-like smell to it and leaves your skin with a subtle healthy glow. I’ve been using coconut oil and almond oil as a moisturiser anyway so I think this might be my next purchase.

Perhaps it’s the design nerd in me, but I love how cohesive the product is – the brand philosophy and Marta’s own background in holistic skincare manifests itself not just in the product, but also in the packaging and the branding. The boxes are made from recycled cardboard, the lids were custom-manufactured from New Zealand wood by a local manufacturer in Petone, and the label peels off the glass bottles so that you can reuse the bottles.

IMG_8132Marta with Director of WFW Cam Sneddon.

Sometimes it’s hard to capture the atmosphere of an event, so I decided to make a quick video of the launch.

You can purchase the products on her website hereotherwise it is stocked at the Design Loft where they should have testers you can try out. Marta also offers custom blends and consultations for people who have specific skincare needs or want a product that has been built for their skin.

It’s not a launch without the awesome people who attend to support and celebrate, so here were some of my favourite pics from the night:

IMG_8131Anna Jamieson of JAM Photography with Tamzin Hawkins the owner of the Design Loft
IMG_8148Cam & Abbey Runciman from the WFW team with Josh Millan from MIA Productions
IMG_8113Anna with Sam, who recently moved up from Christchurch.

– Chris.

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