Nymphets: Cult hero

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Strip club and dollar bills
All I see is signs
All I see is dollar signs

Welcome to the world of NYMPHETS – a world of post-modern imagery, superimposed prints and intentionally gaudy plastic accessories – basic bitches need not apply.


NYMPHETS is known for their other-worldliness, established at the Luck/House store (that was part of Snake Pit before it closed down) by Rose Thomas, it has drawn a cult-like following for its psychedelic aesthetic. Click on the pics to see more.


This collection “Cult Hero” fixates on the idea of a new generation irreverent of conventional status symbols like money and power. It uses fluoro plastic “$” earrings, obviously faux fur details and plastic trims, and combining this with loud superimposed dollar sign prints.


There’s a clear reference to America (a la American Beauty) and the underlying hip-hop influences that infiltrate our everyday lives on how we perceive women, sex appeal and success.


In terms of the aesthetic, it was a heady, psychedelic clash of¬†tumblr / weed / cash dollars – no fucks were given. The models portrayed an illusion of living out a “tumblr” aesthetic in real life – the tumblr dream.


It brings post-modernism to real life – taking all references, meanings and either completely flipping it upside down or taking symbols which are looked up to, repeating it and twisting it into an ironic joke. It’s the dress-up box of a generation that has grown up in the internet age.


In terms of wearability? It’s NYMPHETS or nothing – you don’t go halfway with this.

This is tumblr in IRL (in real life).


– Chris. (thanks Vicky for your help with the words)

Author: Chris Park

One half of the Park Brothers. Purveyor of banter, curator of misc. Manage comms for @BuoyandMine. Read More

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