Creative Common Occupation: pop up store

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IMG_5472Some context cause this shit is pretty industry-specific. The School of Art & Design at AUT is hosting a conference entitled: “Shapeshifting: A Conference on the Transformative Paradigms in Fashion and Textile Design” this week in Auckland.


As I understand it, this conference explores the transformative power of fashion (through textiles as the medium or vehicle). In English I guess the conference is exploring the social and cultural boundaries that clothing can across.


As part of the conference, the Creative Common Occupation – a collective of designers and artists – created a temporary pop-up shop at the Cross Street Gallery to showcase their works. It has a good collection of some of Auckland’s designers and artists who work in the wider creative industry and explore the transformative potential of apparel in their own way.


The collective includes members who work with a variety of textiles and mediums; from bags and accessories to clothing and printed textiles.


Disclosure: my brother is also a member of this collective, so there are pieces from his conceptual label 6×4 there as well (if you’ve asked me where to get his stuff then here’s your chance). I got my friend Logan (amazing photographer, check out his stuff here) to model this for me from his collection:


I should really be a) sleeping; b) working on the backlog photos and articles from Wellington Fashion Week, but I’m posting this still a little buzzed from the free Peronis because the store closes tomorrow at 5pm and I think the demographic that read the articles on our website (i.e. you) should take the opportunity to check out a well-curated selection of New Zealand pieces before it closes. I took a couple more photos so you can click on any of images to see the rest.


The list of designers and artists who have pieces exhibited are:

Glenn Yungnickel (Menswear)
– Sara Andrews (Womenswear)
Linda Jones (Raincoats)
– April Haszard (Womenswear)
– Steven Park (6 x 4)
Glen Prentice (Womenswear)
– Keva Rands (Womenswear)
Jyoti Kalyanji (Home wear)
– Hudson Hansell (Hudson Lyron)
– Frances Haszard (Illustration on silk)
Ahi Rands (Video projection)


It’s open from 10am-5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 16 April) here’s a map cause I’m that organised and what not:

– Chris.

Author: Chris Park

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