jacque shaw + FLASH Jewellery AW14 Launch & Show (video)

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The events at Willis York are without exception memorable, interesting and slightly off-beat – one of the many things I have missed since I moved away from Wellington.


So when I got an invite to the jacque shaw + FLASH jewellery AW14 launch and show hosted by Willis York and realised I’d be in Wellington for it, I was pretty ecstatic. Willis York is one of most beautiful hair salons in Wellington  – going up this narrow wooden staircase just off Taranaki Street, you feel like you’ve stepped into a Brooklyn loft rather than a hairdressers. The space opens out further at the back, where partially painted brick walls, exposed air ducts and the concrete floor gives it an industrial warehouse vibe.


The showcase was generously hosted by Bex the owner of Willis York, while the hair and make up were done by the Willis York team and Olivia Wild and her assistants respectively. I really liked how they choreographed the show – I made a video since it’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to describe it with words. Also I took a couple more photos so click on any of the pics to see more over on the Facebook page.

I know little about fashion, and less about jewellery but as with most things I generally go with my gut instinct. I don’t believe in precious stones or precious metals having an intrinsic beauty or value to it – it’s just a means to an end so if using gold or gemstones helps you achieve the look then by all means, but don’t expect me to fawn over a big rock on a band of metal if it’s not well designed.


I really liked the almost crude look of Flash Jewellery’s collection, entitled “RUSH”. The collection explored the various textures that metals can be imbued with, and from what I understand the use of Lapis Azuli was inspired by an old family heirloom. You know those solid gold, chunky Incan artifacts that you see in museums with the mottled textures from having survived millennia? It sorta reminded me of that. Particular favourites of mind include the RUSH ingot , the F clasp necklace and the Lapis foil ring – these are coming out really soon, but I’m sure Nina’s taking pre-orders.


Jacque Shaw’s AW 14 collection was entitled “cåld storage”. I thought “cåld” might be Swedish or something, but google translate certainly doesn’t think so – Jacque what does the name mean?  At least from what I saw, I think the collection drew inspiration from pop culture trends from the 90s (I may be completely wrong). The braids with interwoven metal rings, and the blue denim with contrast white stitching and snap-pants are all things I associated with Britney Spears and boy bands (oh the good old days). 


The key difference here is that Jacque took these 90s symbols, updated them by using high-tech sportswear materials and paring the colours right back, and created voluminous, almost gender-less outfits which gave the collection an almost naive, awkward feel. I spent the latter half the evening wearing the gun-metal oversize raincoat and the shiny black one after the show so you could say I’m a fan.

The makeup was fresh and neutral which worked well with the naive 90s vibe from the clothing and it didn’t deflect attention away from the jewellery or the metal rings in the braids either. I only noticed this after the show – the silver fingers? Fuck that’s cool. Thanks Olivia (KBM) for posing for me – it was good to see you too!


It’s one thing to excel in your chosen creative field, it’s another entirely to support other promising talent and make shows like this possible. Bex, you’re all kinds of awesome and Wellington is so lucky to have you and people like you. Oh another thing about Willis York events – there’s always really nice drinks, usually served in combinations you would never think to try. As well as a glass of champagne at the door were served Hendricks gin (one of my favourites) with San Pellegrino soda water and some sort of raspberry cordial with a lemon twist – really refreshing. (props Luke).

L to R: Olivia Wild, Nina Gordon, Jacque Shaw, Bex Brent

L to R: Olivia Wild, Nina Gordon, Jacque Shaw, Bex Brent


– Chris.

Author: Chris Park

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