Moochi AW 2014 at Wellington Fashion Week 2014

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When I saw the goodie bags on the seats I got super excited because I thought they were something to do with Diptyque. Upon closer inspection, I realised that the Moochi had mimicked the diptyque cartouche to set the theme for the show: there were no candles or perfumes in the goodie-bags. The motif was seen throughout the collection as a signature print.


The Moochi AW 2014 show was divided into two. The first: “coveted styles for the modern woman”, and the second: “Your everyday luxury”. The models wore black curtain ropes on their wrist with tassels swinging as they strode. I decided that the theme of the show was: luxury home furnishing but on the female form.

IMG_2832 IMG_2838

With the logo reminiscent of the Parisian perfumier who makes scented candles and perfumes for the home, and the clothing draping dramatically from the shoulders and waist, I felt like the architecture of the body was being furnished as would be a house. I liked this about the collection. I imagined that the models were human versions of model-homes, and the clothes merely furnishings.

IMG_2864 IMG_2848IMG_2848 IMG_2864

Stripes made many appearances. The hard vertical and horizontal lines of the stripes were undone by the soft fabrics which turned them into liquid curves and body-defining contours. The thin straps across the shoulders and gathered fabric really reminded me of a curtain that had been drawn to one side. This feeling was echoed by the asymmetrical hemlines of the skirt which gathered from one hip and draping down the other side of the body. The “everday luxury” collection was a softer re-iteration of the ideas which came through in the first collection. It featured more common staples: demin, t-shirts, cardigans and shift dresses.


It was a wearable collection. Nothing outlandish, nothing extraordinary, but accessible and well-rounded in terms of the colours and textures used. It wove a thread of the exoticised East into the collection with wide-fitting sleeves, soft drop shoulders and an opening film which featured models walking amongst bamboo.

IMG_2918 IMG_2912

– Steven.

Author: Steven Park

I live in Auckland and am currently doing my Honours in Fine Arts at Elam. I run a design label called "6x4", where I make clothing, furniture, home-ware and other exciting things. Say hello if you see me walking around! Read More

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