STORM show at Wellington Fashion Week (video)

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STORM was the first show for Sunday, the final day of Wellington Fashion Week 2014. I showed up (unfashionably) early to drop off my bags, and since I had a few hours to kill I headed down to Smith the Grocer for an obscenely big breakfast primarily to make up for the martinis I had on an empty stomach the night before with my friend James who is the producer behind arcana imperii (hey James!). FYI motel bar just blows now, the drinks are still good but whiskey bars shouldn’t be contiki-themed and martinis should never be served by people dressed in Hawaiian shirts. I digress.

If you’re stuck for a nice café near Lambton Quay especially on a weekend (and you will be, cause it becomes a ghost-town when the suits depart for the weekend), I would recommend checking this place out. I seem to be more productive sitting in cafés (I’d be so down with a mobile office) – I managed to knock out an article chowing down on a hash brown before heading back to Shed 6 for the first show of the day.

I was backstage chilling with the WFW organising team editing photos when Cam received what seemed like an urgent call. After hanging up, he turned to me and said something along the lines of “Hey Chris – you know those videos you do?” So an hour or so before the show I dropped my front-row ticket, picked up what camera gear I had on me and start shooting.

For the show they had Mark the lead singer and guitarist of the Supermodels (the band) play which was cool – it reminds of the Strokes in a good way so yeah, if you like the music for the show you should check them out.

Runway videography is stressful when you haven’t had time to prepare (and don’t have a B-cam), but in the end I think it turned out okay. I mean, you can’t stop the show and do retakes so if you missed it – sorry bud, no footage for you.

– Chris.



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