Law & Art Seminar

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art and law chris park

I’m fortunate enough to have a diverse range of friends with an equally diverse range of skills, passions and interests. I appreciate and find interesting their chosen areas of specialities, but I’ve always lamented at the fact that there is little interaction between some of the more creative industries and those of the business/professional field as I think meaningful dialogue and interaction would be beneficial to both.

TL;DR – my employer gives us one day of paid volunteer leave per year, and this year I have chosen to run a free seminar at the Elam School of Fine Arts to cover intellectual property law and basic tax concepts relevant to those working in the creative industries.

I only have an hour so it will necessarily be a broad outline, but I chose these areas for two reasons:

1. artists and other creative types should have an understanding of how the law regulates their (and others’) rights to their creative works; and

2. people who work in the creative industries are typically contract workers. Contract workers will have tax obligations with respect to income their derive from contract work, whereas most of the tax obligations of employees on wages/salary are placed on the employer.


I chose to study law and finance because I had no idea what I wanted to do (I still don’t), but I knew that law and commerce affects every aspect of life. The corollary of this is that law and commerce doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it interacts and affects the every day lives of all of us. If I can harness some of the expertise I have developed to empower some very talented people, then I’d be pretty happy.

So it’s tomorrow at the Elam School of Fine Arts – Lecture Hall from 3-4pm. There’s a discussion session afterwards too if you have any burning questions. The seminar is open to all and is free, so feel free to invite colleagues and friends who you think might benefit from it – click here for the Facebook event page. Look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.

– Chris.

Author: Chris Park

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