Malaysia-bound Part 4: Pudu Wet Markets

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Pudu markets (15)

I woke up earlyish this morning to head to the Pudu markets. These are wet markets (markets that sell fresh meat and produce, cf dry markets that sell durable goods like clothing and electronics) that Malaysians frequent as it is often cheaper (and from what I am told) fresher than what you get the supermarkets.

Pudu markets (16) Pudu markets (17)Spot the foreigner.

A taxi would have cost me about $7, but I took the monorail and LRT (light rail) cause I kinda like taking public transport. The way I see it, it’s a┬ápart of the experience of travelling. I guess this is a photo essay of sorts.

Pudu markets (1)

It’s meant to be a well-known tourist destination, but this morning I didn’t see a single foreigner there other than myself. I kinda stand out already as it is, wearing sunglasses and holding a big camera on top of that is the equivalent of holding a big neon sign that says “foreigner right here”.

Pudu markets (7)

I tried to be as non-intrusive as possible when taking photos – I think people were bemused that I was taking photos of what is to them, such an ordinary everyday affair. I mean – imagine tourists visiting your local Pak’N’Save and taking photos of you shopping.

Pudu markets (8)

Butchers chopping up cuts of meat lined up in the open air (non-refrigerated) is a sight to see, and once you get over the various different smells it’s quite fun just walking through the narrow lanes between the little stalls.

Pudu markets (4) Pudu markets (6)

Right next to the wet markets there is a (pretty depressing) shopping mall which is half vacant, and on the street in front of the markets there were dry markets and stores selling all manner of things. I actually preferred Pudu over Petaling Street (Chinatown) as you aren’t pestered to buy stuff and from what I could see it was considerably cheaper as well.

Pudu markets (12) Pudu markets (11)

At the entrance to the markets, there were lot of people selling pet fish, and aquarium equipment.

Pudu markets (3)Pudu markets (10)

Not gonna lie – ended up buying some – these little fellows were RM6 (about $2.50?) I’d name them but I can’t tell them apart (except for the orange one without stripes. He can be Ron Weasley).

Pudu markets (18)

As for the rest of the afternoon? Dunno. Might go for a swim, might take a nap.

– Chris.

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