In a sentence, this website is a repository of the interesting things happening in the creative industries seen through the eyes of two brothers based in Auckland, with occasional assistance from our friends.

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Chris: I studied music performance, law, and commerce at Victoria University. I tend to take things on impression: I know whether I like something or not, and use logical reasoning to understand and justify a viewpoint.

Steven: I completed my Honours year of Fine Arts At Elam in Auckland, and I run a conceptual design label called “6×4”. My interests lie in the social-cultural systems which give context to the content we cover, and I write with more of an analytical eye.

We started this website because: we felt there was a lack of critical, analytical writing which discusses the underlying context of fashion, fashion media and its surrounding culture. We aim to think through how fashion and its systems sit within a wider cultural structure. We write personally, taking cues from our academic and intellectual backgrounds, but with an understanding of the wider audience and designated market. Between us we also feel we are able to talk to topics of design and aesthetics, expanding on the conceptualisation of clothing and object culture.

Neither of us are formally trained writers, designers or media analysts. We write to try and understand, de-construct and contextualise at the speed of contemporary culture. We are both up front about our personal styles and attitudes towards issues and ideas, but we are able to move between our opinions and the objective aims of the media.

We write about things we see to be relevant to contemporary culture in New Zealand and overseas, about things which relate to lifestyle, but more importantly why it is framed as a lifestyle. We write about food, fashion, style, homeware, lifestyle and the wider network of commercial systems in which they exist.

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